By EDDIE WRENN May 10 2012

First we had the keyboard and mouse. Then smartphones popularised the touchscreen movement, and then hardware like the Xbox's Kinect system made gesture controls feel like second-nature. 

Now we are getting ready to enter the world of thought-control, with headsets that can read our minds now available for as little as £300, and the software to turn our dreams into actions starting to take shape. Kevin Brown, senior inventor at IBM, works to bridge the gap between emerging technology and the practical applications they can offer society. Already he is working hard to make everyday tasks easier through mind control, using headsets such as the commercially-available Emotiv Systems headset. The Emotiv headset retails for $299 and can simply be plugged into any recent Windows machine to begin working, with apps and games – including Angry Birds – being adapted by enthusiasts to run with simple mind controls.

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